This is the horrifying moment a college vaulter needed 18 stitches after the pole ripped through his shorts and pierced his scrotum.

Zach McWhorter, 21, a student at Brigham Young University in Utah, was filming his training to post to TikTok.

Footage shows Mr McWhorter sprinting down the runway towards the vaulting pit.

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He then dips the pole to the ground and jams it against the stop board allowing him to reach the bar.

The video then shows him launch himself off the pole as he effortlessly clears the bar. 

However as the athlete descended to the ground, the pole punctures his shorts and pierces his testicles. 

His father, who also works as his coach and is luckily a urologist, was on hand to help his son and take him to hospital following the horrific injury. 

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