After taking a brief hiatus from Instagram, it appears Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton is back on the social media app.

The Panthers quarterback deleted all of Instagram posts and unfollowed the majority of his previous followers earlier this offseason in a move he’s yet to really explain. But Newton was back on app this week, and bringing it. Check out some of his posts from the last few days while vacationing in Cancun. 


“It’s too early to go back to sleep,” Newton said this morning after a workout. “I want to speak my peace on something. The reason I came back on Instagram. So check this, the main reason I really came back was I realized my impact on kids. Any and everything that I do, that’s what I’m trying to do it for. I’m trying to impact the kids, the young boys in anyway. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia where opportunities are extremely slim for minority people. But there are opportunities for you to do it. And with the position that I’m in, I just want to inspire to do something. You don’t have to sell dope. You don’t have to rob or do none of that illegal **** to get the ‘bag’ as these young boys say. If you commit to something and do it, the world is yours. “So I really just wanted to speak my peace on a couple things before I lay it down and get this massage. There are a lot of dudes out there that are cornballs. I understand and realize that. That’s cool, too. But coming from my vantage point, I just know I owe it to a lot of people to keep it 100, stay true to who I am, a person that will never fold and give 100 percent. Pure facts.”

Newton has four million Instagram followers, and each one of them is much happier now that Cam is back posting.