Jordan Brand is not planning to work out an extension on Leonard’s endorsement deal after it expires later this year. Talks broke down after he rejected a four-year, $22-million contract, industry sources told ESPN’s Nick DePaula.

While adjusting to a new team in a new country, Leonard could begin taking meetings as early as next week. Some companies allow their clients to meet with other suitors up to 60 days ahead of a contract expiring. In most cases, shoe deals run until Sept. 30. Companies aren’t so much worried about how the 27-year-old will look when he plays again, but more so his reluctance to wear new releases during games, as well as his disinterest in doing commercials.

The new Raptors forward is virtually non-existent on social media, as he doesn’t have an Instagram or Facebook account and hasn’t tweeted since 2015. This must have something to do with his Uncle trying to start his own marketing company.