Shots fired by Cam’ron. 

Cam’ron is coming out with a brand-new sports talk show called It Is What It Is. Of course, Cam is a huge sports fan and has always given his opinion on his favorite teams. Now, however, he will get to engage with a larger audience about his views and hot takes. 

Cam has been filming the first few episodes, which has led to some teasers online. In one of his first teasers, Cam touched on the Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady debate. As you can see down below, Cam isn’t too fond of Rodgers. In fact, he had some incredibly harsh words for the QB.

“Why the fuck are we ever comparing Aaron Rodgers to Tom Brady in anything?” Cam asked in the clip. “Why? I don’t really understand it. The proof is not in the pudding. Aaron Rodgers has not won a Super Bowl since 2011. Tom Brady has been to the Super Bowl eight times since then.”

Cam then went on to talk about how Rodgers is exhibiting similar behavior to that of Brett Favre. The legendary artist thinks Rodgers is a huge crybaby, who just needs to focus on getting back to the Super Bowl.

“And then another thing with Aaron Rodgers, he gives me cry baby, grumpy old man, the end-of-Brett-Farve’s-career-in-Green Bay vibes. That’s all he do,” Cam’ron said. “The same thing he doing is the same shit that Brett Farve did to him — cry about the new quarterback, don’t wanna help him out, don’t know if he’s coming in the off-season, don’t know if he’s going to extend the contract to last year when he got the extension, put Green Bay through all this shit.”


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These are some pretty harsh words, although many Packers fans would agree at this point. Not to mention, this makes for great promotion for Cam’s brand-new show.

That’s exactly how you get eyeballs on you.

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