Draymond Green loves to stir the pot. 

Draymond Green is easily one of the biggest supporters of LeBron James in the entire NBA. The Klutch Sports client has been heavily associated with James these days. Furthermore, whenever Green opens his mouth, you can be guaranteed that he will say something complimentary about his friend.

At this point, it feels like Green just wants to play with LeBron. At the end of the day, the Lakers could use a defender like Draymond. Having said that, it remains to be seen whether or not such a union will be forged. Until then, however, Draymond will continue to give his friend his flowers.

During his show Throwing Bones, Green made the claim that LeBron James is the true GOAT of basketball. Of course, many would say it is Michael Jordan. Despite this, Green believes LeBron has been too good for too long. Additionally, he doesn’t think Michael Jordan faced the same level of competition.

“MJ didn’t beat the greatest team ever assembled,” Green said. “Nor did he run up against the greatest team ever assembled every year. There’s nobody that has ever played the game of basketball that can do what LeBron James does on a basketball court. Nobody.”

Green also made sure to get in his digs at the old heads out there who hate on LeBron’s greatness. “I’m sure one of the old f***s is going to say, ‘You’re out of your mind’ and this that and the other,” Green explained. “The talent is way better [during LeBron’s era], just like the talent at Apple is way better than the talent that was working at Apple in 1991.”

The Warriors star is certainly going to stir up some debate here.

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