Joe Buck really loves his job.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints met on Monday Night Football to wrap up Week 13. Joe Buck sounded very excited to call the game during the intro as he used some unusual affectations in his delivery. He first broke character as he seemed to express surprise and delight to find that he was in Florida in “Dissss-CEMBER!”

Buck continued to narrate the pregame like a cross between Mike Camerlengo and Randall.

“There he is. All eyes on 12. He’s ready to go. Look, he’s going to prove it! Yaaaaaah! Let’s, let’s go! I can’t say one, yeah, I can’t say one of those words.”

“There he is the Red Rifle. Got that beard all tucked into that chin strap, ready to go.”

Was Buck really just excited not to be stuck in Green Bay on a cold early winter afternoon? Was he punchy from travel? Maybe he was just happy to finally broadcast his first Tom Brady Monday Night Football game. Whatever it was, it was different. And thus, memorable.

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