American football is the most popular US sport and the Super Bowl is by far the most anticipated match of the year. For sports betting fans, it is only natural for this game to be the highlight of the betting season. Prohibitive legislation has made it difficult for US punters to bet online legally, so many were forced to choose offshore bookmakers. There are several inconveniences associated to this approach, so as sports betting gradually becomes legal in more US states, punters are also changing their habits.

Sports betting makes a recovery in the US

The UIGEA passed in 2006 and it had a crushing effect on the online gambling industry in the US. Many bookmakers and casinos chose to relocate and stopped accepting Americans, while a few chose to operate and the very limit of legality. Although punters were not targeted by the authorities for betting online, they had a hard time finding a gambling operator accepting their deposits. Even so, billions are being wagered on the Super Bowl every year, so the obstacles didn’t have a deterring effect on players.

Nevada residents were not affected by the act, as sports betting has always been legal in this state. Not surprisingly, the biggest bets are being placed here, both at land-based bookmakers and over the Internet. The interest for the Super Bowl is just as high nationwide and residents of other states are starting to enjoy the same perks. A significant percentage of those who bet on the Super Bowl are not necessarily regular punters and many of them only bet on this particular event.

Delaware and New Jersey are shining examples of states that have changed their laws to accommodate sports betting and online gambling. For those who live here, betting on the Super Bowl is a convenient affair, as they get to choose between land-based and online bets. Mississippi has also jumped on the bandwagon in 2018, so the first Super Bowl bets were placed a few months later. This state also has a burgeoning group of casinos, so legalizing sports betting was only the natural step.

The sports betting tide is turning in the US

It would be far-fetched to assume that sports betting on websites like this will be legal nationwide, as certain states are adamant in resisting legalized gambling. Utah sits at the top of the list and this is the most likely state to oppose gambling even if it is legalized everywhere else. While there are other states reluctant to embrace sports betting, the number of lawmakers ready for change is significantly higher. New Mexico and Oregon residents can already bet on the Super Bowl at the establishments ran by the tribes.

Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia have legalized sports betting and in 2020, Super Bowl betting will be possible in even more states. The wheels are finally in motion and although it took much longer than expected for legal sports betting to return to the US, Americans finally have reasons to rejoice