Choosing the correct soccer position that suits you can be a challenge for some soccer players. Many players have been through the struggle of not knowing what position they can pick. Some have tried every position in the field, from striker to goalkeeper and it can still be hard for them to choose one position over another. Choosing positions in soccer is almost always the coach’s job. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t practice and work your way towards a position that attracts you. When it comes to positions you want to try out for, consider your speed, leg strength, and personal preference. Therefore, this article discusses three main positions you can choose in soccer.

Defending position 

As suggested by the name, a defender’s role is to stop the opponents from scoring goals. Defending positions consist of two types of defenders namely center-backs and wing-backs. Wing-backs are there to defend against attacks that come from either wing, and they usually defend against the opponent’s wingers.

For you to be a center-back, you need to be strong and tall enough to stand your ground when battling against aggressive opponents. To be a full back, you also need to be strong and fairly speedy for you to be able to keep up with the wingers. As a defender, you need to be brave and you should have the ability to read the game. 

Midfield position 

The midfielders are important players on the pitch and their main role is to act as a bridge between the defenders and strikers. Midfield position is in three types; defensive, holding, and attacking midfielders. Midfielder defenders are usually in the first line of defense, and their role is to break down the rival’s play and stop attacks before they get close to the goal. When choosing a soccer position, it is important to know which position suits you best so that you can focus on the skills most valuable for it.

The attacking midfielder’s role is to take the ball from the midfield into attacking areas and cross the ball to strikers. Any role you play in the midfield, you will need to be comfortable with the ball and capable of passing it perfectly, in both the long and short-range. 

Attacking position                    

Attacking players have one role to play in the field; to score goals or pass the ball to a player with a clear shot to score a goal. If you want to be an attacker, you can choose to play as a winger or a forward. Wingers typically require speed and trickling skills to beat defenders. A winger should be able to spot attacking runs and instantly deliver a good cross or pass.

The strikers as they’re generally referred to are typically the players with the highest scoring skill. They run within or close to the box and are always trying to get into positions where they can easily score once they receive the ball. As a forward, you should possess the strike power, accuracy, dribbling skills, and speed to beat the opponent’s defenders for you to score.