While you can buy anabolic steroids in USA and they are widely used, it is — strictly — not legal to do so unless medically prescribed. In many other countries, anabolic steroids are legally available, though there may be laws regulating their usage. That’s why many people from USA buy anabolic steroids either when they are traveling to other countries where these are legally sold (think Mexico). Or they may request friends and family to buy these when they go there or – and this is easier – ordering them online.

You can buy anabolic steroids in USA from a reputed website that will deliver these drugs to you in the comfort of your home within a few days a few weeks depending on where they are located.


How Can You Get Anabolic Steroids from a Doctor? 

Some kinds of anabolic steroids like androgenic anabolic steroids are available on prescription. These are used as part of hormone replacement therapy, for people who have low hormonal levels, or other demonstrable problems such as

  •       Delayed puberty
  •       Part of gender reassignment surgery process
  •       The treatment of wasting diseases such as HIV, some cancers or other diseases
  •       Treating some kinds of anemia
  •       Inability of people to gain weight by any other means
  •       Certain genetic disorders

Now, if you want to use anabolic steroids for muscle-building to get the well-defined muscles that you want, you are unlikely to get a doctor’s prescription to buy anabolic steroids. In any case, when used for medical reasons as opposed to body-building usage, the dosage of anabolic steroids is very small. For athletes and sportspeople and bodybuilder, the dose used may be 10-100 times a therapeutic medical dose.


Do You Really Need to Use Anabolic Steroids?

If you are not getting the results you want when going to the gym regularly and need to put on muscle weight, you may be tempted to use anabolic steroids, particularly if your trainer recommends them. Let’s not forget that anabolic steroids usually help

  •       Bigger muscle growth
  •       Increased body weight
  •       Increased strength
  •       Faster recovery
  •       Enhanced performance

When you follow the right diet plan and do the correct work-outs, you will be able to get the body you want faster – anabolic steroids can show results in as little as three weeks.


In What Forms are Anabolic Steroids Available?

If you are familiar with anabolic steroids, you will know that you can get anabolic steroids in different forms. You can get:

Oral – usually available as tablets or pills that have to be swallowed

Injectables – certain steroids are only available as injections

Creams and gels – creams and gels are not a very effective way to get the steroid boost required by body-builders. They may be used as an add-on to other forms of anabolic steroids or used by women who have lower than normal testosterone levels. Or they may be used if the other forms of anabolic steroids cannot be taken for medical reasons.

Bodybuilders typically prefer either oral or injectable anabolic steroids for their more precise dosing, easily adjustable dosing and quicker results. Pharmaceutical steroids for sale can even be available at discounted prices as they are otherwise quite expensive.


Which are the Commonly Used Anabolic Steroids?

Most anabolic steroids are derived from or are a variation of testosterone or a combination of different kinds of testosterone. Popularly used anabolic steroids include:

  •       Anadrol
  •       Boldenone
  •       Danazol
  •       Dianabol
  •       Dihydrotestosterone
  •       Drostanolone
  •       Fluoxymesterone
  •       Mibolorone
  •       Nandrolone
  •       Nortestosterone
  •       Oxandrolone (Anavar)
  •       Oxymetholone
  •       Testosterone
  •       Trenbolone
  •       Winstrol

These may be available under different brand names. You can even get so-called natural alternatives to many mainstream steroids, but their efficacy has not been demonstrated.


For How Long Are Anabolic Steroids Taken?

It is unsafe to take steroids long-term without a break as they have many side-effects. While a ripped body and an enhanced libido may be great for a short while, having shrunken testicles or developing breasts (in males) or facial hair and disruption of the reproductive cycle (in females) are only a few of the negatives associated with long-term anabolic steroid use. 

For dedicated bodybuilders and athletes, anabolic steroids are taken off and on to get the best results. This is called cycling – certain steroids are taken in a specific dosage for a particular time-frame. Then their use is completely stopped and then restarted after some time.

Another way of taking steroids is called stacking. A combination of different steroids is taken to get the best results and sometimes oral or injectable kinds may be taken during one cycle.

Yet another practice to take steroids is pyramiding. In this method, users start with a low dose and then slowly step up the dose till the optimum and then taper off slowly again. Pyramiding can be done along with cycling or stacking. Pyramiding cycles are usually of 6 to 12 weeks.

Getting off anabolic steroids periodically reduces the risk of unwanted side effects associated with the use of these potent drugs.


Buying Anabolic Steroids

It is almost impossible to buy anabolic steroids in high doses legally without a prescription. At the same time, it is easy to buy anabolic steroids online thanks to easy internet access and many sites that offer a wide range of anabolic steroids at a reasonable price. When you buy anabolic steroids from an internet site you only need to place your order and make the payment using a credit card or other payment methods accepted by the site. Some popular payment methods used include crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Altcoin, or more conventional methods such as bank wire transfer, MoneyGram, Ria and Zelle (for USA only).

You should buy only from websites that you have checked out and that seem to be popular with bodybuilders (like: https://body-building.ws), otherwise you may get substandard or even fake products. And as this is a substance that is going into your body you really don’t want take a risk with your health by taking products are not what they are supposed to be.