Tampa Rays outfielder Carlos Gomez pulled an interesting move while playing in the Bronx. This story comes via the NY Daily News: 

As one of the games neared its end, he tossed a ball to one of the women, according to sources nearby who clearly saw that the baseball had a phone number written on it. Witnesses seated behind the women asked if the pair were dating Gomez and Rays shortstop Willy Adames, who kept peeking his head out of the dugout to see what Gomez was doing. The female fans, who didn’t give their names, said they had never met the players.

I’m pretty sure Gomez is married with kids, so maybe he thought this would go unnoticed. Taking a page straight out of Yankee star Alex Rodriguez, who in 2012 reportedly had an assistant bring a personalized baseball to a swimsuit model who he spotted in the stands.

I would love to know if it worked, and if so, how many times he’s tried that maneuver before. Does he have a bag of balls with his number on them ready to go? Or is it on the fly he pulls out the sharpie when he sees someone who catches his eye.