Former 49ers running back Carlos Hyde is reportedly expected to sign with the Cleveland Browns on a three-year deal, according to the NFL Network, nearly seven years after he unleashed this public criticism of Cleveland sports.  

Little did Carlos Hyde know, someone dug up an old tweet ripping his new team. Quite the welcome to his new city.

Carlos Hyde tweeted that over seven years ago. Is there no statute of limitations on tweets, I mean the guy ripped the Browns, a common practice among most American males. This is what everyone likes to do. 

Hopefully they give Carlos a mulligan on that very old tweet, he’s definitely the best back they’ve had in a long time, and could very well give them at least one or two wins this season. 

Of course this always happens, check out some others who have had old tweets resurface Whoever searches for these tweets is the real loser. 

Lesson learned is don’t criticize any other teams, simply out of fear you may one day end up on that very team. It’s not that hard to keep your twitter mouth shut, or is it?