Offensive lineman Zach Strief spent his entire career with the New Orleans Saints making sure Drew Brees didn’t get sacked. In his retirement speech saying goodbye to the NFL, and the Saints, the offensive tackle gave a touching tribute to his Quarterback.  

“Drew Brees has been the single greatest motivation for me as a player. Every day I would walk into the building and pass Drew watching film. Every Thursday I would send him pictures of the menu so we could order his dinner, because his work day finished four hours after ours. You’ve made countless sacrifices for your teammates. Spent countless hours with us instead of your family. My greatest drive as a player was not to let you down.”  

Saints Quarterback Drews had a response of his own on Instagram, showing his appreciate for his longtime teammate. 

Honored to be a part of Zach Strief’s retirement ceremony today in New Orleans. An incredible teammate, leader and man. Epitomizes everything that is good about our game. Love you brother. Gonna miss you greatly. But we are all better for having had the chance to play alongside you.  

Drew Brees is a class act, and the way he plays the game, and lives his life, inspires his O-Line to go to battle with him week in and week out. It’s all about getting protection in the NFL. The all-time greats always have the best protection in the pocket. That’s what makes them the best of all time, they can will the other players to perform for them. 

When Drew Brees retires one day, if he ever does, I will most certainly shed a tear or two.