Yesterday against the Clippers, all five of the Chicago Bulls players had a good look at a defensive board after DeAndre Jordan missed a free throw, and then this happened.   

Two Bulls crashed into each other and could only watch as the ball rolled out of bounds, and the rest of the players pretended to care. It’s in their best interest to lose. The system is set up that way. 

The NBA reached out to the Chicago Bulls last week to warn them that penalties could soon be on the way if they keep sitting healthy players.  

The league discourages the practice of resting healthy players in an attempt to prevent “tanking” by teams searching for a top pick in the NBA draft.

The NBA brought in the “draft lottery” system in 1985 that means the worst team is no longer guaranteed the best pick in the draft in an effort to prevent tanking but finishing low in the standings still stands to improve a team’s chances of securing the best college talent. They need to rework the whole thing.