As Carmelo Anthony prepares for a new NBA season with a brand new team, he’s also getting rid of some extra baggage that may have been weighing him down. 

This bit of news comes via The Blast

NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony was victorious in court today and got a temporary restraining order against him — filed by a woman he had never even met — dismissed.

As The Blast first reported, a woman named Cheryl claimed the NBA star stalked her and kidnapped her children. Anthony claimed to have never met the woman and called her allegations “very strange” and said, “It would be good if Cheryl … could get professional help.” 

On Tuesday, Cheryl was in court, alongside Anthony’s attorneys, to argue whether or not the order should be permanent.The court determined that there was no domestic violence because there was no domestic relationship.

The TRO was dissolved and the case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning it cannot be refiled.

Well he must be glad that’s over. Being an NBA superstar apparently has its downsides too. 

Melo looks ready to ball out this season!