The Oklahoma City Thunder were bounced from the playoffs on Friday night by the Utah Jazz.  OKC’s “Big 3” were outplayed by their opponents throughout the series.

There are plenty of questions that remain going into next season.  Will Paul George return or sign elsewhere?  What is Carmelo Anthony’s role going to be going forward?

While George is going to take his time in the off-season making up his mind on where he wants to go, Melo made it clear he will only accept a starting role next season.

On Saturday reporters asked the 33 year old, who will be making close to $28 million next season, what he would be willing to sacrifice.  If they were trying to ask if Melo would be willing to come off the bench next season, they got their answer loud and clear.

With the way he played in the series against the Jazz, he may not have a choice.  If I’m making $28 million I’ll sit on the bench all year.