Pro Football Talk reported that an altercation took place between the Philadelphia Eagles and LSU running back Derrius Guice at the NFL Combine.  

This and other questions about his interactions with teams caused the talented RB to slip all the way to the Redskins in the 3rd round.

Per a league source, the incident (reportedly a shouting match) happened at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

So why did the Eagles bring him to Philly after an altercation in Indy? Per the source, Guice’s representatives requested that Guice be given a second chance to make a first impression. And the visit in Philadelphia actually went well, per the source.

Guice didn’t delve into specifics regarding the various reported concerns that fueled his slide to No. 59 during an introductory press conference in Washington.

“My response to that is it’s all behind me,” Guice told reporters. “The Combine was a few months ago. I just got drafted by the Washington Redskins and I’m just ready to get to work with this great organization.”

Despite the fact that Guice didn’t deny that the altercation between the Eagles took place, the Eagles did.  They claim there was no altercation between Guice and the Eagles anywhere.

For whatever reason someone isn’t being honest.  With the Redskins drafting him, the Eagles will have to face Guice twice a year.  That should be fun.