NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony has been dogged by cheating rumors for years and he’d justify it to his friends by saying, “La La is married, I’m not.”

This alleged cheating led to many marital issues between him and his wife Lala. 

One point of contention has always been Melo’s side baby. 

We posted about Melo’s Ghost Dad routine in the past: 

Now the tough questions have been asked to his baby mama, and it appears Carmelo isn’t really there for his child. 

Check out the screenshot below: 

Q: Is her dad in her life? 

A: no, maybe in the future

It must be difficult for Carmelo to participate in his baby’s life, especially considering the fact that this child almost cost him his marriage. 

Either way, it’s his responsibility, and his child should be far more important than him finding a new team. 

Check out pics of Carmelo’s baby mama below: 

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