Nicki Minaj has revealed she would be following in the footsteps of Ariana Grande after claiming she was “bullied” by the same Grammys producer Ariana publicly denounced last week.

The drama started when Nicki jumped on Twitter to drag BET, who had been congratulating Cardi for her Best Rap Album win at the Grammys while simultaneously trolling Minaj.

It’s been an ongoing war between the two megastars for quite some time. 

One man who thinks they should just drop all the beef is former NBA superstar Gilber Arenas. 

He posted: 

I blame y’all the fans…..there’s 2 female icons in the rap game…and the media forces you to pick sides and that’s exactly what y’all do….team nicki vs team cardi. WHY y’all can like both equally….both these women represent all women in a male driven space….and y’all are forcing them to fight and hate on each other 

F*ck everyone else y’all owe it to all women to make music together….this ain’t no f*cking battle field to knock each other out…’s u two women vs the field of men….don’t let the media and fans force y’all into competition….puffy and jay z don’t compete about who drink is selling more…..icon build up icon…#teamnickiteamcardi 

Leave it to the man who brought a gun to the locker room to make the most sense when it comes to Nicki versus Cardi.  

The legendary Rodney King said it best:

One day, one way. 

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