Looks like Carmelo’s ex is not buying the former NBA star’s denial.

Carmelo Anthony’s baby’s mother had some things to get off of her chest after he made a video to address the recent cheating rumors.

Melo was spotted in the South of France on a Yacht with a woman who wasn’t his wife. 

Now enter his ex Mia Angel, who we’ve introduced you to in the past. She’s the Baby Mama of Melo. 

And she’s not buying his BS.  Check out the screenshots below: 


She makes a valid point. 

All Melo needs to do is explain why he has the time to spend on a yacht with another man’s wife, but doesn’t have time to see his daughter. 

I guess Lala doesn’t want that to be explained away. 

Check out some more pics of Melo’s Baby Mama Mia Angel below: 

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