Singer Heidi Merrill is suing Carrie Underwood and is claiming that popular Country Music singer stole her song “Game On” and used it for the Sunday Night Football theme song.

Merrill released a sports-themed song that she called “Game On” back in 2016.  She even offered her song up to Underwood’s producer, but was told they didn’t want to use the song.

While Underwood’s version of the song is different, the two songs are named exactly the same and are very similar.

Via TMZ Sports:

In her suit, Merrill says she met Carrie Underwood’s producer, Mark Bright, at an event in Nashville in August 2017 and asked if Carrie would be looking to create a new song for the 2018 NFL “Sunday Night Football” show open. 

Merrill says she submitted the song to Bright — but was eventually told Carrie’s camp passed on using “Game On.”

Fast forward to Sept. 2018 … Merrill says she was shocked to see Underwood and NBC promoting a secret new theme song for ‘SNF’ … which ended up being called “Game On.”

Seems like a pretty cut an dry lawsuit.  Someone’s in for a nice payday.  If you’re going to rip off a song idea, at least change the name of the song.

Merrill’s version of “Game On”:

Underwood’s version of “Game On”:

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