NESN’s Kacie McDonnell, who has appeared on Sports Gossip before, caught a little heat for her use of an offensive term to describe a t-shirt. 

While on air she described the t-shirt a Minor League Baseball fan was wearing, while eating mayonnaise out of a tub, as a “guinea tee.”

According to Busted Coverage, McDonnell has apologized for using the slang term.

”… before we get to tonight’s Social Drive (sic), I’d like to take a minute to apologize to our viewers in particular those who I offended by an insensitive comment in my report last night. There’s no excuse for my use of hurtful words and again for that, I am truly, truly sorry.”

Stick to less offensive terms like wife beater when describing those kinds of shirts.  We have a feeling Kacie is going to be just fine.

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