Yesterday Carson Wentz’s teammate Jason Peters shared a video of the injured QB throwing pretty long passes across a gym while sitting on the floor with his injured knee in a brace. 

Peters captioned the Instagram video, “His (arm strength) is crazy.” Wentz has to win a superbowl this season, or he’ll take the blame. Not an easy situation to lead your team, and then have to watch your backup collect the hardware.  

  his is crazy  

The timetable for the return of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who suffered a torn ACL in Week 14, has the MVP candidate on track for a potential Week One appearance. 

Reports also lean toward Carson having to wear that brace on his left leg for the rest of his career. Tough break, but this guy has the drive to overcome. You can just tell he’s itching to stand up and throw again.  

Eagles QB Carson Wentz suffered a torn ACL in Week 14 of the 2017 NFL Season, prematurely ending his season. Relive Carson Wentz’s incredible 2017 season highlights below.