With the 2018 NFL off-season in full effect, and free agency and the draft just around the corner, Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden took a break from the tough task of turning around the Raiders to enjoy an NBA game.

Gruden and the Raiders owner were at Oracle Arena to check out the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors take on the San Antonio Spurs. 

As 95.7 The Game shows, Gruden spent Thursday night with Raiders owner Mark Davis sitting courtside for the game.

Once the pics hit the net, everyone was making jokes. This is why the internet is so much fun. Check out some of the funnier tweets below, seriously how can Gruden sit next to that creature.  


Some of these tweets are pure gold. Not sure what the two discussed, no chance Gruden would ever hang out with that dude unless he was getting paid to do so. For that much money per year, I’d get the Mark Davis haircut, no questions asked.