“With Jalen, I’m excited to add him to the team,” Wentz said. “I know how important the quarterback position is, and how important the dynamic is for me and the other guys in that room. I’ve been blessed over the years to have some incredible not just quarterbacks, but incredible humans and friends in that quarterback room. We really endure a lot together and go through together. I’m excited.

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about Jalen and the kid he is and the player he is.”

Wentz said adding Hurts can “create a good, healthy, competitive challenging environment.” The Eagles called Wentz before the draft to tell him they might pick a quarterback, and he said he didn’t view it as a threat.

“It didn’t really concern me,” Wentz said. “My reaction was, kind of understood. I had a feeling there was a chance we’d want to draft somebody given the way our roster is laid out and wanting to get younger. There was no concern for me. I think the team showed their investment in me last year and I’ve nothing but confidence and faith in them and they have nothing but confidence and faith in me. So I think it’s all about strengthening that position and this group that we have.

“If i were to start questioning Howie [Roseman, the Eagles’ GM] and the management now, I’d be questioning myself. When I signed the deal I did, it was my way of showing I trust and believe in what we’re doing in Philly and they trust and believe in me. I have nothing but confidence.”

Taking a quarterback in the second round when you have a 27-year-old franchise quarterback on a $128 million deal was definitely a curious  move. 

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