Do you have a digital streaming subscription to watch full-quality high-definition National Football League action? Do you want to watch nfl on paramount+ from anywhere? Thanks to modern advancements in network security technology, now you can! You will need an app from an official VPN (Virtual Network Provider) to be able to access your paid subscription from outside of the US (no matter where that is as long as you are outside US boundaries). This is because of broadcasting rights that limit the content to nationwide borders. The NFL (National Football League) is of course a US-only sport, which is why you cannot access NFL action from France, for instance.

Paramount+ is an incredible digital streaming service that can give you so much action with just one click across all of your devices. You get a 7-day free trial with Paramount+ which equals just $4.99 with ads and just below $10 with ads. Paramount+ even covers CBS Sunday games! You will definitely need a VPN if you are outside of the US and want to catch crips NFL action to avoid blackouts or to change regions for local games.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

“Virtual private networks” (VPNs) are ways of connecting to the internet without having all your information broadcast or stored on a website’s servers. It lets you disguise your IP connection as coming from another location. This is especially useful for gamers and sports streaming watchers who often have to log in from different places, to access free streams.

VPNs are not illegal. Rather, they are a form of network security software. However, it is illegal to use these products when living or working in an authoritarian government. An authoritarian society is one with centralized rule and control. In these countries, people cannot use VPNs at all (legally, at least, but millions still do). Before using a VPN, be sure to research the pitfalls and consequences of using a VPN in your country, just in case.

Watching the NFL On Paramount+ With a VPN

Watching the NFL on Paramount+ is a fantastic experience, particularly because it is CBS content. However, you won’t be able to do so from outside of the United States. This is because of something called broadcasting rights. Since the US is the birth nation of the NFL, naturally the content cannot be easily accessed from a country outside of the US, although there are millions of NFL fans all over the world! 

NFL games are available across dozens of platforms. From online streaming platforms like FuboTV and SlingTV to free streaming gray zone sites like USTVGO and 123TV. NFL fans also have the ability to do so on Paramount+. You may have subscriptions such as ‘Essential’, ‘Limited Commercials’, and ‘Premium’ for Paramount+. These subscriptions can stream NFL games on any device that you own. To watch, you simply have to go to or the Paramount+ app and select ‘Live TV.’ Paramount+ not only offers the NFL but with a premium subscription you get all CBS sports including SEC football, golf, hockey, NCAA basketball, and more (even UEFA Champions League!). 

Now, as for the NFL and Paramount+, you need to first download a premium VPN which means getting a subscription for a few dollars a month with one of the greatest providers out there; NordVPN, Surf Shark, Cyberghost, and several others. This will ensure your private details are safe, and most importantly that you can watch the NFL through this service from anywhere in the world! 

If you are in a hotel in Italy and want to access the NFL online, you will be blocked. A VPN will lift geographical restrictions thanks to its ability to modify your virtual internet address. While doing that, you can safely enter your login details because VPNs are also a security tool used by the largest organizations out there! 

All you need to do with a VPN (once you pay for it and download it for your device) is to connect to a US server. This will tell the website or platform you are reaching and that you are located in the United States! If you have any trouble, clear your browser history or try using your browser in private or incognito mode. Alternatively, you can switch to another US server closer to you (check the map).

There you have it! VPNs are used by millions of people nowadays and are a cure-all for frustrating geographical limitations when viewing restricted online content. Keep in mind that VPN use may be illegal or restricted in your area (if you live in China, Iran, North Korea, Belarus, the UAE, Turkey, and others) so make sure you check what the laws are before you start using a VPN.