If you’re a sports fan and don’t live in the city where your favorite team is playing, it can be hard to find activities to participate in while watching the game on TV. In addition, it can be just as challenging to find activities that people you meet who also support your team can engage with you when they visit. To help sports fans like you and your visitors have fun while supporting your team on the road, we’ve compiled a few fun activities sports fans can enjoy while watching their favorite team play live or on television at a friendly match.

If your favorite sports team comes to town, there’s no better way to show your support than cheering them on at the game or, even better, travelling with them to their next friendly match. Make the most of this unique opportunity by engaging in these fun activities that are not directly related to the game itself but can be done in between matches or after the final whistle blows. Read below and make the most out of your next sports event.

  • Cheer with pyrotechnics

Cheer your team on with pyrotechnics. Bring fireworks to the game and use them to cheer when your team scores, or hold them up in support if they’re down. Being courteous of others is important, so only use fireworks when the game is over or during breaks.

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  • Make balloons versions of players for a pre-game event

Basketball fans can make balloons of players and decorate the gym for their team. You can also make basketballs, baskets, and other related decorations out of balloons to show your spirit. If you’re watching a hockey game, you might want to bring lots of winter clothes like scarves or coats. Bring flags or posters that express how you feel about the team

  • Paint your face

Want to support your team even more? Paint your face in the team colors and make sure everyone knows who you are rooting for. Everyone will know where your loyalties lie. It’s a fun way to get people talking about your favorite team, too. You can also make signs and wear clothing with the team logo or colors to show off how much you love them.

  • Take selfies

Before the game, take selfies with the team colors and post them on social media. Let your friends know that you’re wearing their colors, and tell them to do the same. Posting this type of thing online not only helps remind people that they should wear their team colors but also encourages people to support their team in other ways—the more fans who show up for each game, the better.

Final Thoughts

When your team plays friendly matches, you don’t get the same kind of thrill you would from watching them compete in important tournaments. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit there and watch passively – you can still find ways to have fun while supporting your favorite players.