Celebrities often use their fame and large following to spread awareness about issues that are close to their hearts. Although Hollywood is not immune to the occasional fur wearer, most celebrities make an effort to be more conscientious of their choices.

However, some stars go above and beyond their call of duty. These celebrities put forth convincing arguments about how animals are defenseless and voiceless beings who should be not be made to suffer for personal gains.

They set excellent examples for the youth to follow by being vocal about animal rights and why they’re against animal testing. Awareness of animal abuse is on the rise globally. Therefore, presenting solid arguments against animal testing and the promotion of animal rights are common topics for argumentative essay writing in college.

Read on to know more about which celebrities are the most outspoken animal rights advocates!

Famous Celebrities That Are Animal Rights Advocates

    1. Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres is known for her ability to spread smiles and laughter. However, the comedian and live TV show host is also known for her profound love for animals. DeGeneres was named PETA’s Women of the Year in 2009 for abandoning the use of all animal products and being vocal about animal abuse issues and animal rights on her talk show.

The talk show host has also repeatedly promoted vegan diets on her show, as well. DeGeneres tries to follow a cruelty-free lifestyle as much as possible. Other than this, DeGeneres also has a natural pet food company and through which she has donated thousands of meals to pet shelters and homeless pets.

In 2018, DeGeneres’s wife founded the Ellen Fund as a birthday present for her spouse. The fund was created to aid global conservation efforts of endangered species, with an immediate focus on a mountain gorilla species conservation. The fund was used to construct a building for this cause, initially sponsored by the Diane Fossey fund.

    2. Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder is an actor with a heart of gold. He has made his stance on animal abuse clear numerous times. However, his most significant contribution to animal welfare is the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which was created to aid animals in every way possible. The foundation is known for promoting and assisting the environment and natural habitats, building spay and neuter clinics, adopting homeless or abandoned animals, and offering grants to animal welfare organizations.

In a statement, Somerhalder has claimed that “ISF means being a part of a family who refuses to allow the degradation of our environment or the mistreatment of animals to go on any longer. It means standing together, empowering one another so we can go sustainably into our future.”

Other than the foundation, Somerhalder has made numerous other efforts to help promote animal rights. These include testifying before Congress to stop the practice of elephant poaching, participating in the #MovetheUN movement to make animal rights and protection a global agenda, as well as using his fame to support animal rights in every capacity.

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio is an avid animal lover and has proven his dedication to promoting animal rights through his foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. In a statement, DiCaprio said that the mission of the organization was to protect the Earth’s last few wild species and places and to implement solutions for building a balanced relationship between humanity and nature.

DiCaprio is also an honorary member of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The actor regularly uses his various platforms to address issues about animal rights — particularly the conservation of endangered species, elephant poaching, and the protection of sharks.

    4. Bob Barker
A former TV show host, Bob Barker, has been an outspoken animal rights activist since the beginning of his career. The animal enthusiast is strictly vegetarian and has spoken passionately about animal welfare on numerous occasions.

Barker has founded an organization by the name of the DJ & T Foundation, to promote animal spaying and to neuter at clinics by subsidizing prices and introducing voucher programs. If you are interested in learning more about this fund, you may be asked to write an argumentative essay on animal testing as well. The former TV host is dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of pets and abandoned animals, often educating his audience about animal rights and welfare.

Barker has also made numerous donations towards causes of animal welfare, including donating $1 million for supporting studies on animal rights at the Columbia University School of Law. Barker is also known for famously stepping down as a Miss USA pageant host due to real fur being given as one of the prizes.

    5. Pamela Anderson
A successful model and actress, Pamela Anderson also happens to be a fervent animal rights enthusiast as well. Anderson is known for her rigid stance against animal abuse. The actress has founded an organization called the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which is dedicated to the promotion of human and animal rights, as well as environmental conservation efforts.

Anderson has also been named an honorary director at PETA for her relentless dedication towards the cause of animal welfare. In one instance, Anderson successfully got the host of a French TV show to stop using live animals on the show.

Among other things, Anderson has successfully petitioned for a ban on the import of Canadian seal pelts to Russia by appealing to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The actress has also urged Herzegovina and Bosnia to end its famous fur farming in 2018.

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Animal welfare is a noble cause that is being taken up by numerous celebrities all over the world. These celebrities not only spread the word about animal rights but set great examples by doing everything they can for the cause. From setting up foundations and donating millions to talking openly against animal testing, these celebrities truly lead by example.