Los Angeles Chargers defensive tackle Corey Liuget is suing his former trainer for $15 million in damages due to lost wages, pain and suffering caused by his positive test for performance-enhancing drugs, according to a document filed in U.S. District Court in California on Tuesday.

According to the 18-page document, Danney told Liuget he was using a high dose of an over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory to treat Liuget’s pain following a Chargers game last season, stemming from prior breaks in the metatarsals in both feet.

However, Liuget claims that Danney lied, injecting him with a banned NFL substance.

According to the suit, both injections occurred in California, where Danney does not have a license to administer injections of any sort or a license to practice any kind of therapy.

Liuget says as a result of the injections he failed an NFL-administered drug test for the first time in his seven-year career.Liuget was suspended earlier this year in March and is eligible to return for his team’s Week 5 contest against the Oakland Raiders

Liuget may be just a little too late trying to set the record straight.