Recently NFL Bears player Charles Leno Jr proposed to his girlfriend.

It was a big deal, as the Bears clinched the division, an then Leno Jr. made the engagement into a spectacle for all to see. 

On bended knee in the middle of Chicago’s Soldier Field, Charles Leno Jr. was so nervous asking his girlfriend to marry him, he fumbled her name.

“Jennifer Marie Roth, would you love to be Charles Leno? I mean, Jennifer Marie Leno Jr.?” Leno asks in a video uploaded to the Chicago Bears’ Twitter account.

Roth accepts, smiling and saying yes six times. The sweet video also shows Leno’s teammates cheering him on.

You can watch below: 

Now the newly minted fiance is being exposed, for old racist tweets. 

These tweets from 2012 are allegedly sent from her twitter account. 

Check them out below: 

Leno’s now fiancé allegedly used the n word in numerous tweets and presented extreme racism as well 

These tweets are only from 6 years ago. 

Leno Jr. needs to know about these if he doesn’t already. 

And if he does, man, that’s not a good look. 

Check out more pics of Jennifer Roth below: 

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