Once again, Nike has raised the bar for progressive basketball shoes.

Unveiled is the latest Nike Kobe AD NXT, complete with a design that places emphasis on speed and agility.

In line with Kobe Bryant‘s eagerness to enable players to get low on the courts without heavy compensation, the sneaker blends advanced technologies like Nike’s FastFit, QuadFit and REACT.

According to Nike, the Kobe AD NXT is “formed as a system,” bringing together Nike FastFit, QuadFit and REACT to answer Kobe’s desire to get athletes lower than ever to the ground, without sacrificing comfort, and allow for greater court control.

“We wanted to show the heart and soul of Nike — our capacity to put together systems,” Klein explains. “The design of this shoe shows off all the pieces; the ingredients are critical. We want people to see the elements that work together within the machine.”

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