In 2013, LeBron James married his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson. Their lavish wedding included a performance of “Crazy in Love” from Beyonce and Jay-Z. LeBron and his wife are NBA royalty. 

We received this in our tipbox, an artist has decided to capture the essence of the reigning NBA King, and his Queen. The detail is extraordinary. Look below to see what we’re talking about here. 

The artist also puts his artistry on display in video, as he transforms the canvas into a real breathing living piece of art. He gives you a step by step look at his painting of LeBron and wife. This is fascinating, and I’m no art critic, but really I’m just being sarcastic. LOL. 

Not sure who would want this other than LeBron and Savannah. Either way a beautiful work of art. Good job, good effort.