The insanity of political correctness just claimed another victim. This time it is Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant.   

Kevin Durant seems like a pretty harmless guy, a nice guy. But this picture we received suggests he’s in the bad boy phase of his life at this point. He has his ring, and this is basically him telling his haters what’s up. 

This picture was taken while Kevin Durant was in Los Angeles for All-star weekend. It wasn’t for a magazine shoot, it was just his way of expressing how he felt at that moment according to our tipster. 

Say what you want about KD, and him being labeled as a cupcake, and soft, but this doesn’t look like a soft dude to me. It looks like he’s becoming a killer, which can only mean one thing, expect him to win at least another few rings. He’s out to prove to the rest of the league, he’s the best player in the world.