Monday, April 9th is springtime, technically, but in the Midwest, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. The Cubs and White Sox returned to Chicago after a week spent on the road. The Chicago area saw flurries all morning, and it created a winter wonderland in spring.

Both teams on the North and South Side had some fun with the weather. When life gives you lemons, make lemondae. When Chicago gives you Snow in April…actually I don’t think you can put a positive spin on that. 

Now let’s head over the North Side to get a weather update from the cold confines of Wrigley Field: 

Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams was really enjoying himself from the visitor’s dugout, and shared this video with his followers. 

Weather aside, my feelings are the Midwest is best. Nowadays there’s really two seasons, Summer and Winter. Of course, the old joke is there’s two seasons, Winter, and construction. Springtime has to be right around the corner Chicagoans, just hold on a bit longer.