The outpouring of love and excitement for Milhouse’s appearance on TNT at the Bucks/Celtics game back in October was incredible. The reaction it got from Simpsons and basketball fans all over the internet was totally unexpected.

Everything really did come up Milhouse! It’s April now and the playoffs are here which means only one thing… Milhouse wants free tix.  

Via GoFundMe

Get Thrillhouse courtside for the playoffs!
Playoff tickets are naturally pretty pricey in Springfield. Milhouse could barely afford the splurging he did for the last game so he needs your help to get his yellow ass in a seat next to courtside big wigs like Charles Montgomery Burns and Rainier Wolfcastle. If Milhouse’s appearance brought you laughter and happiness then toss a few bucks Milhouse’s way and let’s see what kind of fun can happen come playoffs start next week.  

Let’s not get greedy, the Bucks are in the playoffs, let’s not try to rain on their parade with your Milhouse sideshow.