The Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots had a game for the ages. Essentially it came down to a coin toss. 

Since the game ended, there have been a few different fan incidents that have been brought to light. 

No pun intended. 

Some joker was shining a laser in Tom Brady’s face. 

Now we have a beer can incident. 

Via Total Pro Sports

During the New England Patriots, the behavior was even worse after video showed a Chiefs fan putting a green laser light in the face of QB Tom Brady. That wasn’t it for Chiefs fans.Following the walk-off touchdown by the Patriots in overtime, a camera near the end zone caught a Chiefs fan throwing a beer at Pats offensive lineman David Andrews as he taunted and waved goodbye to them.

Here’s the wave goodbye:

And in this video you can see the beer can flying towards Andrews: 

Something definitely was tossed his way. 

But can you blame the Chiefs fan who tossed it? 

I mean the guy was rubbing it in with the wave goodbye. 

An overtime loss to almost advance to the Superbowl will make a man do crazy things. 

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