Earlier today we posted an explosive video. 

The man calling out Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is resident DJ at Drai’s, DJ Franzen. 

Watch below: 

Now we’ve received some info on exactly what the beef was all about. 

Apparently Franzen is a huge Niners fan, and was going nuts about his team all night.

He was/is there with some linemen. Zeke, Dak, Connor Williams, Sean Lee, Marcus Martin and couple others were/actually still are in Vegas. This dude needs to tell whole story. First off, NOTHING happened. Nothing other than Franzen being a DICK and CONTINUOUSLY blasting “F the Cowboys” and reppin support for his “Niners” to the point of CLUB OWNERS told him to tone it down. If Zeke told him to “stfu” there were….Also 100 other people who told him same thing. Zeke didnt try and fight anyone. This is EXACTLY one of the bad things of being a pulverizing elite super star athlete. Always going to be people high and low trying to shoot you down.


Read more details of the incident below: 

My wife was with several of our friends, right near him. There for a AVNS and same VIP area. Multiple people including club owners basically told Franzen to STFU. ANYTHING happened was initiated by Franzen by CONTINUALLY blasting “F the Cowboys” and reppin his “niners”. Zeke and Others were GUESTS , invited by owners and Franzen was a COMPLETE DICK. Thats EXACTLY how you lose your residency , start shit with VIP GUESTS and then try and say they tried to fight you. IF zeke had done ANYTHING he would have had the support of most in there. She and one of her girfriends have some videos that show some of the time and show zeke doing nothing but dancing and being cool w everyone. Hadnt even talked to her bout it till I saw story and knew she had said Cowboys were with them at Drais. I will def send you anything we got!


So there you have it from another perspective. 

Was Zeke just simply minding his own business? 

Or was he starting trouble?  

More to come, we’re trying to get some video to see what Zeke was really up to. 

Stay tuned! 

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