What’s old is new, and that may just be the case for ESPN, who realizes people love what’s familiar. According to the NY Post, Chris Berman will work a quarter of the football year, including some SportsCenter hosting duties and occasional Sunday NFL Countdown content.

Via the NY Post

There is no deal yet, but there is interest on both sides. While the move would not be for a full-time position, sources said the possibility of Berman contributing more to or even hosting some Sunday night “SportsCenter”s has been broached.

There is a hope that Berman could work a quarter of the NFL season, according to sources. ESPN would want Berman for more, but in semi-retirement, Berman already has made plans for some weekends, and so that is likely unfeasible — at least for this year.In addition to appearing on “SportsCenter” this season, Berman could do more features and interviews to aid “Sunday NFL Countdown,” whose ratings dropped by double digits in his first year away from the program.

Berman, arguably the most significant on-air personality in ESPN’s history, accepted a lesser role with the company at the conclusion of the 2016-17 football season. The reduction of Berman’s role was spearheaded by ex-ESPN president John Skipper.

Skipper may have been under the influence. I for one would love to see Boomer back on the boob tube.