Manny Machado, who was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers before the trade deadline, still wants to play for the New York Yankees.  The Dodgers have slipped to 3rd place in the NL West despite the move.

According to Jon Heyman, Machado would even give up his desire to play shortstop to join the young talent in the Bronx, via Fancred Sports

But there are hints, and people close to Machado suggest the Yankees might just be his first choice. One Machado friend went so far as to say that Machado — who has professed his love for shortstop — would easily give up shortstop to play for the Yankees. If he did so, that would be reminiscent of his mentor Alex Rodriguez, another Miami wunderkind who moved to third base in order to don the pinstripes.

Machado isn’t going to give away his preferences now, particularly while playing for a different marquee franchise, but multiple people say Machado and his family — who live in Miami — are all in on their love of the Yankees and New York, which fits his big-city preference and desire to get back to the East Coast. He’s said to be OK with Los Angeles, but according to others anyway, apparently views it as a stopover.

It looks more and more like Machado will just be a rental in Los Angeles, especially if they continue to slip and manage to miss the postseason, a possibility this guy right here is hoping for.  There’s nothing like trading for a guy for the postseason and then missing the postseason.