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“I had to Google Jay first. Real talk. I didn’t know who it was. And then I laughed, because to me, it was like someone in the G League criticizing Damian Lillard. Jay Onrait, as my partner Rob Parker would say, he had a cup of coffee and a sweet roll in the majors. He was on Fox Sports 1 four years, and he got demoted back to AA ball. He went from the NFL to arena football. He went from the NBA to the G League.

“I’m like, get in the majors and stick before you criticize me. Real talk. I’ve been in the majors for over 20 years. I worked at the New York Times for six years. Won awards for my coverage of the New York Knicks. Went to ESPN the Magazine and wrote for 12 years. Won awards for feature stories I wrote there. Morphed into television and radio, and I’ve never been fired, never had my contract not be renewed. I’m in the majors. I’ve been here for more than two decades. You spent four years and got demoted. You’re criticizing me? My career cannot be defined by breaking transactions, or missing out on transactions, making a few mistakes on transactions.

“The irony is that Jay Onrait, in trying to critique me for getting something wrong, he got two things wrong. He said ESPN kicked me out. ESPN didn’t kick me out. ESPN offered me a multi-year contract and was surprised when I turned it down and went to Fox. He said Fox kicked me out. I’m still at Fox. In fact, Fox kicked him out! Fox did not renew his contract.

“I think his ire with me stems from two things. One, bitterness that Fox Sports 1 didn’t bring him back. And 2, during the playoffs, I called Canada soft. I said Canada is soft, the Raptors are soft, and Drake is soft. I apologize. Canada is not soft. Drake is not soft. The Raptors are not soft. Jay Onrait is soft.”

You can listen to that quote and the rest of the Broussard interview here, starting at 38:40.

This is the sports media battle we all needed…

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