Mike Krzyzewski doesn’t believe the NCAA is ready for the eventual end of the one-and-done era, calling on the organization to take precautions ahead of the inevitable change.

“The NBA will be well prepared,” Krzyzewski said, according to ESPN’s David M. Hale. “The NCAA is not prepared right now. They need to be in concert with the NBA in developing a plan that is specific for men’s college basketball.

“And that should include what an athlete gets, how he’s been taken care of, whether or not there’s a re-entry if something – really, it’s deep. And if we only look at it shallow, then we’re doing a disservice to the kids.”

The NBA reportedly submitted a formal proposal to the NBPA in February to lower the draft-eligible age from 19 to 18 in time for the 2022 NBA Draft.

Four freshmen, including Zion Williamson, headline this year’s Duke squad. Williamson expected to declare for the NBA draft at the conclusion of the season.

But the Hall of Fame coach called for more dialogue between the NCAA, NBA, and federal legislators to find a model that works for all parties.

“In this time, the definition of amateurism – it’s outdated,” Krzyzewski said. “We need a new model. And with all these things that are changing, it cries out for coordination of creating this new model. If we don’t do it, our game’s going to suffer.”

Zion could have gone right into the NBA had the rule been different, but that being said, it’s phenomenal to watch him play College Basketball. 

Even one year of college basketball will help him tremendously. 

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