Mike Krzyzewski is asking fans to dial back the hype that has surrounded the Blue Devils’ start to the season and appreciate the growing pains for a still raw group of freshmen.

“And Duke fans, just cut it out, man,” he said. “These kids aren’t perfect. [Barrett] wasn’t playing hero’s ball. He was playing winner’s ball. … I’ll go to war with my guys. He had the heart to do that, Jack [White] had the heart to get the rebound. We lose, I’ll lose with them.”

Krzyzewski noted several plays on which he thought Gonzaga should’ve been whistled for fouls that weren’t called, but he downplayed the impact on the final result, focusing instead on the reaction to the loss.

“We’re not going to complain about that or say the refs lost the game, but come on,” Krzyzewski said. “[Barrett] probably should’ve gone to the foul line. It doesn’t mean we’re going to win.”

Whenever you have a phenom like Zion Williamson, the hype is going to be there. When Duke is hyped up, college basketball is at its best.