Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels admitted he would like to be traded to his former team the Philadelphia Phillies.  

Not only would he have an opportunity to pitch for a contender, he would be able to attend a ceremony that will honor the 2008 World Series champions.  

That ceremony will take place on August 5th at Citizens Bank Park.  He called the possibility the “perfect scenario” and a “blessing.”

Via Philly.com:

“I think that’s kind of the pipe dream of it,” Hamels said over the weekend. “That’s the perfect scenario. Everything has to cross.”

Hamels would welcome a return, too. He and his wife still have a home in Delaware County, and their children attend Episcopal Academy. He also has been impressed with the Phillies’ expedited rebuild, which is running about one year ahead of even the team’s internal projections.

“If something like that does happen, I think it would be a blessing,” Hamels said. “You do look back. And Philly has a great group of guys that they’re bringing up and the future of a world championship team. You just have to give it to them and give them their space. If it happens, it happens. But I can’t wish or long for something like that because I’m still trying to figure out how to pitch well in five days, six days.”

A jump from 5th to 1st would be a blessing to most.  His ties to the team and the area are just an added blessing for the left hander.  

Whether or not he would be a blessing to the Phillies is another story.  Hamels is 5-8 on the season with a 4.36 ERA.