Former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick went unsigned during free agency in both 2017 and 2018. The fact that no one really showed any interest in him over a period of two seasons, makes this even more interesting. 

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report shared in 10-Point Stance column on Wednesday morning:

If Kaepernick is ever going to play football again, it’s likely going to have to happen this year, which means the next few weeks could be big for the 31-year-old quarterback.

In the days after Kaepernick settled his collusion case with the NFL in February, Geragos predicted that his client would soon be back in the league.

“I think you’re going to see within the next two weeks that somebody is going to step up, somebody is going to do the right thing,” Geragos said during a CNN interview.

Now that the collusion case is over, it will definitely help a team pull the trigger on adding him to their roster. 

That being said, it will still a bit a huge amount of unneeded attention, for a guy who will have to work his way back into being a starting QB. 

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