Tennis Player Genie Bouchard’s Super Bowl Bet Date is Being Made into a Movie

The fan of tennis player Genie Bouchard shooting his shot with her during Super Bowl 51 is being made into a movie.  John Goehrke sent out a tweet to Bouchard with the Patriots down by 25 points in the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl. 

Goehrke tweeted, “If Patriots win we go on a date?” 

Bouchard agreed, the Patriots came back and won the game and the two went on a date.  They were seen a few more times after that and seemed to be in a relationship for a little while.  Now their story will be made into a movie. 

Via TMZ Sports:

Now … Goehrke is getting a freakin’ movie made about how he shot his shot with one of the most attractive female athletes of his time. Unreal. Bouchard will act as executive producer on the flick … which will focus on “dating and love in the modern digital age, asking if a relationship born on social media can survive the glare of the public eye,” according to Deadline. Jonathan Abrams At the time, people wondered if the whole thing was for clout … but after being spotted several times together — including a bikini beach date — and now a movie??? Whatever this is, it’s awesome.

Since that time Bouchard has had other shoot their shot with her, including athletes.  She was even spotted at a Drake concert with a fellow Canadian tennis player.

We can’t say we blame them:

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