The fan of tennis player Genie Bouchard shooting his shot with her during Super Bowl 51 is being made into a movie.  John Goehrke sent out a tweet to Bouchard with the Patriots down by 25 points in the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl. 

Goehrke tweeted, “If Patriots win we go on a date?” 

Bouchard agreed, the Patriots came back and won the game and the two went on a date.  They were seen a few more times after that and seemed to be in a relationship for a little while.  Now their story will be made into a movie. 

Via TMZ Sports:

Now … Goehrke is getting a freakin’ movie made about how he shot his shot with one of the most attractive female athletes of his time. Unreal.

Bouchard will act as executive producer on the Jonathan Abrams flick … which will focus on “dating and love in the modern digital age, asking if a relationship born on social media can survive the glare of the public eye,” according to Deadline.

At the time, people wondered if the whole thing was for clout … but after being spotted several times together — including a bikini beach date — and now a movie??? Whatever this is, it’s awesome.

Since that time Bouchard has had other shoot their shot with her, including athletes.  She was even spotted at a Drake concert with a fellow Canadian tennis player.

We can’t say we blame them:

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