Colin Kaepernick appeared to send a strong message to members of the NFL on Saturday.

He’s ready to play, but he’s not changing who he is to do so.

The free-agent quarterback, who has not been a member of the NFL since March 2017, completed a 40-minute workout in front of reps from at least seven NFL teams on Saturday while at one point wearing a T-shirt bearing the name “Kunta Kinte”,  the kidnapped African man turned slave at the center of Roots who is beaten for refusing to take his American name.

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It was a bold statement for Kaepernick, but not one unusual for the former Super Bowl player.

His girlfriend Nessa Diab (Check out her hot shots above) was also supporting the cause. 

She was doing a bunch on twitter, which included plenty of Retweets and a post herself. 

That resulted in plenty of haters trolling her 

Flip the Page to see all her activity and the Trolling comments: