Lane Kiffin Looking to Leave FAU? - Sports Gossip
It was really only a matter of time

Florida Atlantic University head coach Lane Kiffin reveals several schools have contacted him about job openings at their schools.  Despite the interest, the 42 year old downplayed the interest and claims he's happy at FAU and isn't looking for another job.


Kiffin says there were conversations with several schools gauging his interest in their job openings, declining to say which ones. That should not come as a shock. Many have wondered how long he will stay in this job, viewed among outsiders as a stepping-stone to something bigger.

He says he sees it differently, that he is happy at FAU, living in South Florida in relative anonymity. He says he is not coaching for another job, the way many others do in their quest to move up the ladder. He calls last season one of the most gratifying of his career.

In other words, Kiffin isn't finished with the FAU coeds.  When that day comes and possibly a team like Alabama comes knocking, he'll be gone in a split second.

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