During their latest kerfuffle, which played out over social media, Conor McGregor posted on Instagram that Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 is a “50 year old Instagram blocker,” claiming the mogul blocked him on the app.

50 responded and left the videos up for a short time. In a now deleted post, the Queens native suggested McGregor cheated on his girlfriend with Rita Ora.

 In a video, which has also now disappeared from the mogul’s Instagram, Jackson says, “Conor McGregor is a talented fighter and all that. He’s talented for a white boy. But you know, n****s have superior genes when it comes to that kind of s**t.” You can see that video here

Conor shot back with the latest jab, going hard at 50 Cent with his shirt off. These two have one of the more entertaining celebrity beefs going on .

“Superior genes my big ball***k mate. I am made of granite. You need a bra. You jabbed up fool. Hahahahaha you should have stayed quiet and promoted that fight for me on the free like you did. But you just kept going with them f***ing memes. Your 50, 50. 50 years old. F*** off. It’s all love tho fifty serious, you are a mad bastard, but we still proper love a few of your tunes on this side of the world. I even blasted one of them on the free walking into madison square garden to take one of my belts. It was called I run New York.”  

Bravo to Conor, great post, funny stuff. Let’s see what 50 cent has to say next. This is what social media was invented for!