Courtney Smith said Wednesday night that she told police in 2015 that she feared for her life because of a pattern of abuse exhibited by her then-estranged husband, former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith.

She confirmed to ESPN the details in the Dispatch’s article were largely what she remembered telling police nearly three years ago, except for a claim that she had previously been approached by attorneys from Ohio State and asked to drop charges against Zach Smith.

According to the Dispatch, the 2015 police report said that Courtney Smith told police that Ohio State sent a lawyer to her home after a previous incident in hopes of “convincing her to drop the charge because it would embarrass OSU if she proceeded with the prosecution.” Smith said she doesn’t remember telling police about any such conversation.

Courtney Smith said she did tell police that she dropped charges against Zach Smith in 2009 when the couple lived together in Florida. Zach Smith had worked as a graduate assistant for the Florida Gators under Urban Meyer. She said that she was approached in 2009 by a Florida football staff member, Hiram deFries, who told her that pursuing charges would damage Zach Smith’s career. Courtney Smith’s encounter with deFries has been previously reported. DeFries, who is now employed with Ohio State’s football program, was formerly an attorney.

The City of Powell, Ohio, and its police department have refused to release details of the incident report to the public because Zach Smith was not charged with a crime. 

Smith, as recently as Wednesday on Twitter, says he did not beat his wife.