Quarterback Kirk Cousins had a busy off-season as he searched for a new team.  But he wasn’t nearly as busy as his family was.  

Cousins revealed that his family was too busy to take his call after he signed his $84 million contract.  So he did the next best thing, he informed his AAA agent that he had signed with the Vikings.

Via Business Insider:

As shown in his free-agency documentary, Cousins tried calling his wife, his mother, and his sister to tell them about the agreement, but none of them answered.

So Cousins instead turned to an AAA employee he’d spoken to earlier who asked Cousins where he was signing. The employee had told Cousins to “go get that money.”

“I wanted to call you and tell you that I did sign my contract today, as you instructed me to,” Cousins told the employee, James, on the phone.

This is kind of sad.  Sure his wife, mother and sister might have been busy, but what about a friend?  It sounds like Cousins doesn’t have too many of those.  It might be time for his family to take him on a play date or something.