A picture of a man holding a cellphone in Cowboys attire on the Saints’ sideline surfaced after Dallas’ shocking upset of New Orleans on Thursday night.  There were immediate conspiracy theories floated as to who he was and what he was doing there.

On Saturday, the Cowboys addressed the mystery man and said he was a member of the “game day entertainment staff.”

Via Pro Football Talk:

The Cowboys have explained the issue in this way: “It’s a member of the game day entertainment staff. He stands next to the ‘green hat’ who is the network TV person who works with the officials to coordinate TV timeouts. His job is to communicate to our internal video board people when a TV time out is coming and how much time is left in that timeout as they come out of a break. He does not stand in the team bench area. They stand just outside the bench area on that side of the field.”

Something sounds a little off about this explanation.  If everything was on the up and up then he has to be closer than normal to the bench area.  Otherwise this kind of picture would be taken at every game.

It’s time for an NFL investigation, a fine and draft picks to be taken away.